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We are dedicated to establishing meaningful connections with every client we encounter. By gaining a genuine understanding of your organisation's unique qualities, our team of experts is committed to identifying exceptional candidates who possess the perfect skills and experience.

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Talent Talks - What our clients think

Systematic, we're quite early in our relationship, and they have placed some really good people! They invited me to their webinar "Talent Talks" and have invested a lot of time getting to know the business.

I actually had Systematic call me last week about a 220k biller at the final stages, but they told the consultant all about my business, so they were led to meet with me. I would never have access to that candidate.​

Why work with us?

We share the same goal - Finding you the best candidates possible.

At Systematic, we prioritise investing in value-adding recruitment tools to elevate our services. One of those being Odro, which enhances the candidate selection process by providing insightful interview videos alongside traditional CVs. With Odro, you gain a genuine reflection of each individual’s communication skills, response to key questions, and personality, allowing for more informed decision-making. This technology has significantly increased our clients’ recruitment efficiency, enabling quick filtering of unsuitable candidates and prioritising the most promising ones. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with many clients preferring this approach over standard CV submissions.

Our network plays a pivotal role in finding the ideal candidate for your team, and our commitment to sector-specific growth has enabled us to cultivate relationships with the most relevant connections in the Recruitment industry. Through consistent data engagement & cleansing via Marketing process’s, we have access to exceptional candidates who are active, but also those who may not be actively looking for jobs, however have the skills and experience our clients seek. By combining our advanced database and extensive network, we consistently provide our clients with off market talent, giving them a competitive edge in the staff recruitment market.

At Systematic, we are keen to leverage the expertise and knowledge of the industry leaders and pioneers whom we speak to on a daily basis. Talent Talks, is our way of achieving that goal, whilst showcasing our industry partners and the ways that they are tackling modern day Recruitment barriers. We believe knowledge is best shared and we want to collaborate with those who are similarly passionate about attracting and retaining the best talent in today’s market, to produce content that is both inspiring and informative. Education is central to the Talent Talks drive. As part of this series, we will release regular spotlights from Recruitment pioneers, promoting their voices and stories to highlight ongoing challenges and shine a light on their career successes.

Through the network – or Hive – members can collaborate to expand horizons, develop through peer-to-peer learning, grow businesses and drive improvements all whilst socialising with like-minded individuals.

The Hive is built on relationships and we use our industry leading network to increase interconnection across the sector, leveraging relationships with trusted partners to make it easier to make the right decisions, quickly. Members are offered top supplier discounts from some of your favourite Recruitment focused platforms and access to their group WhatsApp with likeminded professionals ready to help no matter the challenge. The Power Hive is a community that is passionate about facilitating success in our industry and working together to redefine the future of recruitment.

The “Business Health Check” offered by The Power Hive, is a valuable tool designed to help recruitment businesses assess their performance and position in the industry. By responding to carefully crafted questions with accuracy and honesty, participating businesses can gain valuable insights into their strengths and weaknesses compared to their competitors and the industry benchmark. The assessment encompasses various crucial aspects, including Strategy, Sales, People, Business Performance, Technology, Customers, and Marketing. Through this survey, you will be able to identify areas where additional support is needed. In essence, the Business Health Check empowers recruitment businesses to make informed decisions, strengthen their strategies, and enhance overall performance in the highly competitive recruitment landscape.

We are dedicated to helping recruitment leaders build their Employer Value Propositions (EVPs) to attract and retain top talent. A compelling EVP is crucial for creating a strong employer brand so by leveraging our expertise, we guide leaders by aligning their EVP’s with the organisation’s strategic goals and values, we empower Recruitment leaders to differentiate their brand, engage candidates on a deeper level, and build a talent pipeline that aligns with their vision for success. Have you checked out our recent Talent Talks Video? We sat down with Recruitment Founders, thought leaders & HR professionals to discuss building an EVP that truly stands out, find it on our websites Talent Talks section!


Hear what our clients have to say...

Kerry and the team at Systematic have been a fundamental part of Insight's growth. Always combining a genuine understanding of my business with quality, well qualified candidates, and a superbly managed process. Their industry experience, combined with specific sector knowledge makes them stand out. So much so, they have become both a partner and real asset to the growth of the Insight brand.
Sean McCleary
I've only recently started to work with Kerry and in that short time she has excelled in her delivery. She helped us a fill a couple of very difficult and specific roles in record time (in fact within the first few profiles she sent!!). I'd say one of Kerry's best attributes is her attention to detail on both her calls and during meetings, this is very apparent in the candidates she sends. I'm looking forward to building a strong partnership with the Insight team and working with Kerry again. If you're looking to grow your team or looking for a new role in the tech space she is the women for the job !!
Toby Willman
I have had the pleasure of working with Kerry on a few occasions and still do. She truly knows her field, is incredibly genuine and fun to work with. Kerry has a unique talent of taking the 'chore' out of recruitment activities and I hope that our connection will continue to be fruitful for a long time - I can’t recommend highly enough.
Jasmin Dreher

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